Masteron (Drostanolone) is a highly effective androgenic drug that affects the hormonal system of the whole body. Taking this drug contributes to a qualitative set of muscle mass, and due to the diuretic effect, the relief of the body appears.


  • The drug is synthesized with the hormone testosterone, therefore, it behaves as an inhibitor. Simply put, we contribute to the blocking of aromatase.
  • Also, it has a good effect on the nervous system. Due to this, the endurance of the body and its strength characteristics increase.
  • Masteron has a fat-burning and diuretic effect, which contributes to the construction of the relief of the whole body.
  • For professional athletes, this drug is indispensable before the competition. Since it is quickly excreted from the body, it is almost impossible to “catch” it with a doping test.
  • Excellent “gets along” with other steroid drugs, therefore, can be taken for a long time.

Masteron is available in ampoules for injection. The maximum dosage per day is 100 mg. The main purpose of this drug is to dry the body. On drying, the athlete has the opportunity to create an ideal body relief, as well as to see areas that still need to be worked on.

Before using any of the courses, consult with your doctor and choose the optimal regimen for yourself.